Religious Foundations of our Program

Christian teaching is an important part of our everyday curriculum. The wondrous love of God will be reinforced in many ways: through singing, crafts, story time, centers, and more. Indeed, we see this ministry as a much-needed service to the community. We seek to establish a caring, nurturing environment that respects the religious beliefs of the children, their parents, and our staff. We believe that Christianity teaches love for all people, and we want children from all religious backgrounds to feel welcome in our program.

Our children are asked to participate in daily prayer and the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance. We celebrate Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas. We also educate the children on other holidays, including those celebrated around the world. Our program is intended to complement each family’s own religious instruction, not to replace or compete with it.

Since children learn through watching, hearing, and modeling, every staff member is dedicated to being a good role model. Our hiring process requires that each applicant must provide a letter of reference by their pastor verifying their active involvement in a congregation.